What where some examples of Renaissance ideals that Leonardo Bruni acquired? Is there a sample of his writings that focused on these ideals?

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kmj23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Leonardo Bruni (1370-1444) is credited as being one of the finest historians of the Renaissance period. He was heavily involved in the civic life of Florence, where he became a citizen in 1416, and this is evident in his writing. Bruni revolutionised the way that history was written; taking it from the medieval-style chronicle to a modern, organised format which relied heavily on accuracy and detail which he gleaned from the city's archives. This style was heavily influenced by the Ancient historian, Livy, and Bruni also translated many Greek and Roman texts into the vernacular. In this sense, Bruni is an strong embodiment of the Renaissance spirit. His most famous work was the History of the Florentine People, a 12-book series which is cited as the first modern history book.