What were your feelings after reading the opening chapters of the book " SPEAK " ?Speak - Laurie Halse.

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The authentic voice of this novel is the first thing that caught my attention. It's not easy to capture the voice of teens, but this author did. In addition the daring to use the dark humor was quite appealing as a reader. Many of my students focused on these very same things with regard to what they specifically liked about the novel.

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I found the novel to have a refreshingly clear view of what it must feel like to be a teenager (its a long time ago for me, though). The angst over isolation, recognition and rejection: the stomach-wrenching fear of being different. The paragraph

I am Outcast

I know resonates with some of my students, as does the humour of 'THE FIRST TEN LIES THEY TELL YOU IN HIGH SCHOOL'. 


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I absolutely loved it. I found the narrator to be darkly comedic, and I thought the author either had teenagers of her own or spent a great deal of time with teens, as the diction was spot on.