What were female Titans called in "The Odyssey"?Meaning the Titans

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sometimes you will see females referred to as Titanesses, but most often both male and female were called Titans. In mythology, they are the "elder gods," meaning they came before the more familiar Greek gods and goddesses. I've listed for you below the names of the female Titans and a brief description of each.

  • Gaea: the earth-mother goddess; mated with Uranus to produce the other Titans
  • Rhea: the wife of Cronus and mother of Zeus
  • Tethys: the wife of Oceanus; they gave birth to the rivers and to sea nymphs
  • Mnemosyne: the Titan of memory and the mother of the Muses
  • Themis: the Titan of justice and order and the mother of the Fates and the seasons
  • Coeus: Titan of the moon and mother of Leto
  • Dione: the mother of Aphrodite
  • Thea: Titan of sight and "shining light of the clear blue sky"; wife of Hyperion and mother of Helios the Sun, Eos the Dawn, and Selene the Moon
  • Metis: Titan of the forth day and the planet Mercury; she was also the mother of Athena. Zeus was worried about the prophecy that the second child of Metis would replace him. To prevent that from happening, Zeus ate her. It is said that she is the source for his wisdom and that she still advises Zeus from his belly.

miro905 | Student

To linda-allen's list, it is important to add more points about Cronus, also known as Kronos. In the Ancient Greek mythology, this is the Titan who fathered Zeus, and whom Zeus later overthrew to become the ruler of Olympian gods. To underscore, this makes Zeus a Titan as well.