What are Victor's strong and weak points in chapters 1-4? would there be any possible evidence?

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As Victor develops through the first few chapters, the reader is also introduced to his strengths and his weaknesses.

- Victor shows, early on, that he has a deep respect and love for his family.
- Victor is intelligent and is very eager to become educated.
- His curiosity allows him to seek the answers to many questions.
- His friendship with Clerval is strong; therefore showing Victor's loyalty and trustworthiness.
- Victor is resilient in many ways (overcoming hardships, not becoming discouraged, etc.).

- Victor admits to his violent temper.
- Although he is determined to become educated, Victor is closeminded to many subjects (government, politics, languages, etc.).
- Victor is easily consumed (referring to the time he spends studying).
- He is obsessive (natural philosophy, chemistry).
- His obsession and consumption cause Victor to isolate himself from his family and friends. His isolation, therefore, affects one of his "strengths" in that, his family is no longer a priority.

With these, sometimes vague, examples of Victor's strenghts and weaknesses, examples should not be difficult to locate throughout the first four chapters.

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