What are unresolved issues left in the end of Act II of A Midsummer Night's Dream?

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At the end of Act II, things are in typical Act II chaos.  Lysander and Hermia are running away to get married, but Helena told Demetrius so he is following them, and she is following him.  Oberon is fighting with Titania, and the forest is in upheaval, and ordered Puck to anoint the “Athenian youth” since Demetrius and Helena were fighting.  Unfortunately, Puck confused Lysander for Demetrius, and anointed the wrong youth.  Helena woke up Lysander, and he became in love with Helena.  Hermia woke up alone, feeling like she had a nightmare.

I swoon almost with fear.

No? Then I well perceive you are not nigh.

Either death or you I'll find immediately. (Act II, Scene 2)

At the same time, the craftsmen are creating their own breed of chaos.  Peter Quince has written a play for Theseus’s wedding.  The actors, primarily Nick Bottom, are a real handful and have no acting talent.