What were the two worst problems during industrialization and why?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were several problems during industrialization. One of these was the impact on workers. During the Industrial Revolution, workers found their working conditions had deteriorated. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, workers worked in very small work environments. Everybody knew each other; workers knew the owners of the business. As a result, workers were typically treated very well. If something came up, there was much more understanding of the situation involving the worker. With the Industrial Revolution, workers and owners didn’t know each other. There were hundreds of people working in the factories. Factories were very impersonal places to work. Conditions weren’t safe, hours were long, and pay was low. Workers were powerless to changes this by themselves. Workers were no longer valued by many of the business owners.

Another problem during industrialization was the growing issue with pollution and the abuse of resources. The factories and machines polluted the air significantly. They would pollute the rivers and streams. They would turn quiet neighborhoods into noisy, unclean areas in which to live. Since there were no laws dealing with these issues, businesses were able to do these activities. Additionally, factories would use resources for their own benefit, and they would not be concerned about conserving these resources for future generations. The long-term effect of this pollution and the abuse of resources was significant.

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