What are two instances in which someone could be released from the community without it being a punishment in "The Giver"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 1 of "The Giver", it is stated that

"There were only two occasions of release which were not punishment...release of the elderly, which was a time of celebration for a life well and fully lived, and release of a newchild, which always brought a sense of what-could-we-have-done".

The description of the release of Roberto, who reportedly entered the Releasing Room triumphantly after his eventful life had been recounted and celebrated, is an example of release of the elderly (Chapter 4).  The release of the smaller twin which Jonas views on tape is an example of release of a newchild (Chapter 19).

Interestingly, there are at least two instances where a release was performed simply because of a person's own request.  Jonas's mother describes a situation about ten years ago when "someone applied (for release) and was gone the next day" (Chapter 6).  Rosemary, Jonas's failed predecessor as Receiver of Memories, also asked for her release, and her request was granted (Chapter 18).  Apparently, the rules have been changed since then for everyone, as there are now only two instances in which release can occur without it being punishment.

nevina | Student

when you are old or if you are a baby.