Who did the Tories say was seducing John Hancock?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Tories said that John Adams was seducing John Hancock.

In chapter 6, part 3, Johnny sits in on a secret Observer’s meeting.  It is here that he notes that John Hancock, who is the moderator, looks tired and drawn.

Johnny thought how the Tories were saying that Sam Adams seduced John Hancock, even as the Devil had seduced Eve—by a constant whispering in his ear. (pg. 146)

John Hancock is a wealthy businessman, and not who the Tories might consider a revolutionary.  They assume that John Adams has convinced him.  In reality, John Hancock strongly believes in the revolution and freedom.  Johnny personally appreciates Mr. Hancock for everything he has done, and believes he is a good person.  Through Hancock Johnny gets front row seats for the revolutionary rumblings.

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