Why were sculptures made of Egyptian Pharoahs and their wives?

Expert Answers
belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ancient Egyptian culture was very spiritual, and believed in an afterlife where their rulers would go after death. One important aspect was the Ka, or soul, the essence of the human that persisted after death. They believed that the Ka of a Pharaoh would eventually return to inhabit the body, and so the body was mummified in a special way to preserve it from decay. However, they also knew that decay was inevitable over long periods of time, and had no way of knowing when the Ka would return. Therefore, they created Ka Statues, lifelike sculptures of the deceased which would replace the body if the Ka returned and found the body badly decayed. The Ka statue would then become the physical form of the returned Pharaoh, who had godly powers. On occasions where the Pharaoh's retinue and wives were killed to accompany him to the afterlife, statues of them were made as well; after all, the Pharaoh would still need them when he returned from the dead.

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