What were three qualities that made Odysseus a great leader in The Odyssey and what book did they occur in?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Odyssey by Homer, the eponymous hero Odysseus is shown as an exemplary leader in several different scenes and episodes.

The first important leadership characteristic he demonstrates is persistence. He has been away from his home and his wife Penelope for 20 years and still, despite war, temptations, and obstacles persists in his goal of returning home to his wife and his son. He demonstrates this in Book 9, when he refuses to succumb to the allure of the lotus eaters and makes his men continue on their journey.

The next important characteristic of Odysseus his his ability to devise and carry out long term plans, not ruining his schemes by impatience or acting too early. An example of this is the way he manages to escape from Polyphemus, as described in book 9.

For the Greeks, great physical strength and martial prowess were essential characteristics of a leader. Odysseus demonstrates these in Book 23 where he is easily able to string a bow that the suitors cannot use. 

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