What were three major changes that took place in the United States during Reconstruction?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were many changes made in the United States during Reconstruction. One of the changes was that the former slaves got more freedom. With the development of the Radical Republican Reconstruction Plan and their policies, former slaves were able to do things they hadn’t been previously able to do. The Freedmen’s Bureau helped African Americans establish schools. The Freedmen’s Bureau provided them with medical care, food, and clothing. African Americans got full citizenship and the rights of citizens that would be protected by law.

Another change was the South began to change economically. Before the Civil War, the South was almost exclusively an agricultural region. Farming was the main job. After Reconstruction, the South began to develop more industries. The South was able to diversify economically.

A third change was that African Americans got involved in politics during Reconstruction. African American males were able to vote. Some ran for office and got elected. African Americans became big supporters of the Republican Party and Republican candidates. At the same time, some of the former Confederate leaders lost their voting rights for a period of time. There were many changes in the United States during Reconstruction.