What were the strengths and weaknesses in the military formations of the Great Powers during World War I?

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The Great Powers of WWI were divided into two camps—Entente and Central Powers. The Entente consisted of France, Britain, and Russia with the United States joining in 1917 as an associated power. Japan assisted the Entente as well. The Central Powers consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. Italy was a member of the Central Powers before the war, but switched sides when the Allies promised them some coastline on the Adriatic Sea that belonged to Austria-Hungary.

The Entente had many strengths: Britain had the strongest navy, and it was actually the naval blockade of the North Sea that partially caused the unrest that led to the abdication of the Kaiser in 1918. Britain was also the financial center of the world and could count on securing American loans. France and Britain could rely on calling up colonists to fight on their behalf. The Russian economy actually improved in the decade that followed the failed revolution in 1905. Though the nation still had trouble...

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