What were the results of Proctor feeling guilty about committing adultery?

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To me, the ultimate result of John Proctor feeling this way is that he died.  The reason I say this is that I do not think that he would have allowed himself to be hanged if he had not cheated on his wife.

If you look at what happens in Act IV, you see that Proctor really wrestles with his conscience.  He doesn't want to die, but he also doesn't want to have everyone think badly of him (if he confesses to what he did not really do).

I think that his adultery made him so down on himself that he thought he had to die to redeem himself.  If he had not committed adultery, he would have been sure of himself and he would have just said "I don't care what other people think -- I know I'm a good person so I'll live."  But he's not confident that he's a good person, so he dies.

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