What were the goals of the main character in Nectar in a Sieve? Were the goals met? 

In Nectar in a Sieve, the main character, Rukmani, had a number of goals, only some of which were met. The first was to give birth to a son, and she achieved this goal. Her next goal was to secure her daughter's future through marriage, which was not successful. Lastly, her goal was to get rid of the village's new tannery, and she was not successful in this either.

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The protagonist of this novel, Rukmani, has a number of goals at varying stages of her life, and I would argue that some of her goals are realized and some are not.

After the birth of her daughter, Rukmani's only goal is to give birth to a son. She approaches Kenny, a foreign doctor, about her problem, and he treats her. Her goal of having a son is thoroughly fulfilled, because she later gives birth to six of them.

Later, however, her goal of securing her daughter Irawaddy's future by marrying her off is not fulfilled, as her husband's famiy returns her in shame when she appears to be barren. It turns out later, however, that the fertility problem was likely to have been with Irawaddy's husband, because Irawaddy later falls pregnant out of wedlock and gives birth to an albino.

Another goal of Rukmani's that is not met is her opposition of the new tannery in the village. Much farmland is lost to the tannery's cause, and the profits seem to fall into the hands of a Muslim elite within the predominantly Hindu community, but, perhaps together with the relaxed pace off village life to which Rukmani and her generation are accustomed, Rukmani's pleas fall on deaf ears.

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