What were the consequences for the USA for rejecting the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations?

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The main consequence for the United States was that the country was largely sidelined by the major European powers during the two decades after the war. When World War I first ended, the United States was well positioned to become one of the leading world powers. The country's economy was on the rise and its international influence was growing as well. By rejecting these international efforts at restoring global order, the United States signaled to the world that it would be going its own way and would not become a major international player after all.

Furthermore, the United States's refusal to join the League of Nations meant that this international body remained rather toothless. The same can be said for the Treaty of Versailles. Neither of these had the resources and influence of the United States to help enforce their provisions. We will never know for sure how things would have been different if the United States had been on board. However, without the aid and resolve of the...

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