What were the circumstances of Myrtle Wilson's death in The Great Gatsby?

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Leading up to Myrtle Wilson's death in chapter seven, Tom Buchanan suggests that Gatsby allow him to drive his vehicle into the city and proceeds to stop at George Wilson's gas station on the way. Before Tom arrives at the gas station, George Wilson discovers that Myrtle has been cheating on him after he finds a dog collar. George ends up locking Myrtle in their upstairs apartment and plans on moving out west. When Tom stops at George's station to get gas in Gatsby's car, Myrtle sees him through the upstairs window and mistakes Daisy for Jordan Baker, who is riding with Tom and Nick into the city.

Once Tom, Nick, Jordan, Daisy, and Gatsby meet up in the city, they rent a room at the Plaza Hotel, where Tom ends up confronting Gatsby about carrying on an affair with Daisy. Tom proceeds to expose Gatsby as a notorious bootlegger, which astonishes Daisy, who decides to remain with Tom. Following Tom and Gatsby's heated argument, Tom allows Gatsby to drive Daisy home in Gatsby's car while he drives...

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