European Colonization of North America

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What were the advantages and disadvantages of Britain's colonies?

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As the British claimed land for their colonies, they imagined this land would give them the benefits of extracted resources and labor, increasing the productive capacity of the small island by capturing the productive capacity of other peoples. Unfortunately, these "resources" are not simply something that can be quietly accumulated. They require the disruptions of lives, the devastation of the earth, and the subjugation of huge numbers of people.

The disadvantages of colonization mostly stem from the fact that these people, who are being treated simply as productive resources, weren't a fan of the arrangement. Colonial wars were expansive, eventually taking place in many of Britain's colonies, and were expensive to fight, cutting into the money that these colonial endeavors were supposed to make them.

It depends on who we're speaking about if we want to analyze advantages and disadvantages. There were certainly more advantages to Great Britain than there were for the colonists. Some of...

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