What were the standards of living and working conditions like in Britain between 1830-1848?

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Of course, there were very different standards of living and working conditions for people on various socioeconomic levels.  I assume that you are asking about these things with regard to the working class.

For the working class, both living and working conditions were quite poor.  With regard to standards of living, people came streaming into the cities.  The link below tells us that the urban population of England and Wales increased by 1000% in 50 years.  This, of course, led to horrible overcrowding in cities.  The workers lived in crowded, poorly built new buildings.  They had no sanitation and disease was therefore rampant.

Working conditions were equally poor.  People often worked 16 hour days in dangerous conditions.  The had to work 6 days a week.  Workplaces were often cramped.  The work that they did was low-skilled and monotonous.

In general, workers early in the Industrial Age had a very hard life in and out of work.

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