What were Spain's responsibilities according to Pickney's Treaty?

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The United States and Spain negotiated a treaty called Pinckney’s Treaty in 1795. We were concerned about some of Spain’s actions towards us. This included a belief we had that Spain was encouraging the Native Americans to attack us. Spain was also making it difficult for us to use the Mississippi River. Instead of going to war with them, Washington wanted to negotiate a treaty with Spain.

This treaty did several things.  We would be able to freely use the Mississippi River. Spain agreed to let us store our products at the port of New Orleans. This was important because ships weren’t always available to take products around the world. By being able to store the products at New Orleans, we would be able to send them abroad when ships arrived. The treaty also set the boundary between our land and Spanish land in the South at the 31st parallel. Finally, Spain agreed to stop helping the Native Americans attack us. Pinckney’s Treaty was very important for our country.  

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