What were some of the strategies used by the suffragettes to promote their cause?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were many strategies used by women who were trying to get the right to vote. They borrowed some strategies from the labor movement as well as from other reform movements.

Women believed it was important to be politically active. The lobbied members of Congress and targeted those running for office. Women would collect signatures on petitions and would present these petitions to members of Congress.

There were other methods women used to accomplish their goal of  gaining the right to vote. Women believed holding parades would draw attention to their cause. They gave a lot of speeches trying to convince people of the need for an amendment to the Constitution to give them the right to vote. Sometimes, women would organize large meetings to present their cause.

Some women resorted to nonviolent protest to get their message to the public. Women would picket at the White House and other public places and get arrested for doing this. Occasionally, while in jail, they would stage hunger strikes to draw attention to their desire for the right to vote.

Eventually, women were successful in accomplishing their goal of gaining suffrage. They used a variety of strategies and tactics to accomplish this goal.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Suffragettes in England and the United States used a variety of tactics to try to get the vote.  Some of these included:

  • Protest marches.  Some of these were peaceful, but others became violent.  There are, for example, instances of suffragettes breaking windows in London.
  • Picketing.  During WWI, for example, there were instances of women carrying banners comparing Wilson to the German Kaiser.  There were also instances of women chaining themselves to railings at the Prime Minister's residence in London.
  • Hunger strikes.  In England in particular, women who were arrested often went on hunger strikes to protest.
  • The most tragic action was the woman who was killed trying to hang a suffrage banner on the King's horse during the middle of a race.

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