What were some of the settlers' early hardships once they settled in Jamestown?

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The British sent people to Jamestown to colonize the New World. Jamestown was located in Virginia. Some of the people were from high society, and others were laborers. The goal of most of the wealthy and the shipping company was to find gold and riches. Because of the demand that the colonists produce gold if they wanted to have their enterprises funded in the New World, the colonists spent much of their time looking for gold and not farming. The lack of farming meant that less food was available when they needed the food.

Native tribes were unhappy about the arrival of the colonists. The natives attacked the colonists and killed some of them. Some of the colonists had hoped they could share Christianity with the native tribes, but the tribes were unfriendly.

Disease was rampant in the New World. Many of the colonists died from disease.

The settlers quickly used up their supplies.  The result was that many people starved and some died from starving to death. John Smith was no longer at the settlement, so the native people lay in wait for the colonists to starve. The colonists had to eat leather, rats, and anything they could find. If the colonists tried to leave the settlement, they were killed by the natives.

The thing that saved the last of the colonists was that new people arrived on ships from England. They had supplies for them, and also the additional people helped to increase the population.

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