What were some possible reasons for the ghost's appearance?

Expert Answers
amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Which time?  The ghost appears in the first Act to urge young Hamlet to seek revenge for his murder.  No one other than Claudius, the murderer, knows for sure that King Hamlet has not died of natural causes during his nap in the garden, although there is the question of whether or not Gertrude was involved with the plan to get rid of the king.

Later on, the ghost reappears to Hamlet in Gertrude's bed chambers.  Here, the ghost may be continuing to urge Hamlet to action where the revenge is concerned, or the ghost may appear simply to have Hamlet take a more gentle approach with Gertrude. 

renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Barnardo and Marcellus persuade Hamlet to witness the ghost's next appearance. Once this has happened the officers all have different reason for the ghost's appearance. They suggest that the ghost appearing suggests a coming tragedy. They also link it to the coming war with Fortinbras.

Hamlet does not share in the theories of the fellow men. This is because Hamlet is the only one to actually hear the ghost speak. The ghost has appeared with a request that is only for Hamlet. It is the ghost of Hamlet's father, and he asks Hamlet to seek revenge for his murder.

arjun | Student
Actually we find two main reasons interlinked for appearance of the ghost. The first reason is that the death is not natural, because he is killed by his atrocious brother with deception having put the poison into his ears. In result his soul is restless and roaming for vengeance. So he is bound to appear and transfer the truth to Hamlet for taking his vengeance. For that he appears and pursues Hamlet’s friends and at last he meets Hamlet and gets him acquainted. Now the duty is transferred to Hamlet and Hamlet is in chance to kill Claudius, but when ever he tries, something occurs and delay takes place. When the ghost watches delay, he appears and reminds Hamlet. Once he appeared in presence of Gertrude and told the truth of his present husband how cruel he was and for greed, he killed his real brother. His, again and again, appearance is to take fast steps to kill the murderer. The author introduces this character in order to run the story to its end or tragedy; otherwise it seemed to be impossible. By such entry as revolution comes into play.