Positive Effects Of The Columbian Exchange

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On another note, the Columbian Exchange also contributed to the idea of global trade for foodstuffs. It is now common for us to ship different kinds of foods, mainly fruits and vegetables, around the world. There are a lot of these that still come from South America.
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I would have to agree that the more positive items introduced were the foods and vegetables sent back to Europe from the new country. The colonies were able to receive livestock and grains such as wheat.

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A long term benefit of the Columbian Exchange was an improvement in the diet of the people of Europe. With the introduction of potatoes and corn, people in Europe lived longer; fewer women died in child birth, and fewer children died of early childhood diseases. The end result was a marked increase in the European population. This increase led to the Agricultural Revolution, involving new methods of crop production which allowed for the production of larger crops which could be sold for lesser amounts. This in turn freed more people from agricultural work while also allowing them funds to spend on items other than food; the end result of which was the Industrial Revolution. I think it is a fair statement to say that Europe benefited from the Columbian Exchange much more than did the Americas, even though the Americas had previously not domesticated animals other than dogs.  

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The most positive aspects of the Columbian Exchange had to do with distributing different kinds of food to places where they had not previously existed.  Outside of that, the Exchange was mostly destructive.

The Columbian Exchange allowed for people in Europe to get the benefits of various foods from the New World.  These included, among other things, potatoes, corn, and tomatoes.  All of these would become very important to various European populations.

Coming the other way were various species of animals.  These included cows and pigs.  Since the Americas had had no large domesticated sources of meat, these were important sources of protein for New World peoples.

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Europeans gained new access to several food plants and Native Americans were able to gain access in new technology also including metal weapons. 

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