Warren G. Harding's Presidency

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What were some of the scandals during the Warren G. Harding administration?

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Warren G. Harding (1865–1923) never really wanted to be president. He was more suited to working as a newspaper editor. But his wife and others encouraged him to enter politics. His presidency is best remembered for its scandals. These sexual and political scandals became widely known after Harding's death, and today he is generally regarded as one of the worst presidents in American history.

Some of his scandals resulted from sexual indiscretions. He had an affair with a much younger woman, Nan Britton, in 1918. After Harding's death, she published The President's Daughter. In 2015, DNA tests showed that Harding did indeed father her child. He had also had an affair with a married woman, Carrie Phillips. Ms. Phillips and her husband were sent on an all-expenses paid trip to China during the 1920 presidential election.

There were several political scandals during his administration. One big problem for Harding was his Ohio Gang. This was a group of unscrupulous political leaders who achieved high office during his administration. One member of this group, Charles Forbes, was later convicted for his crimes as head of the Veterans Bureau. Another, Albert Fall, was imprisoned for his role in the Teapot Dome and Elk Hills oil-reserve scandals. There were other scandals, too.

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