What were some of Odysseus' character flaws and mistakes in judgment?

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Odysseus is one of history's most notable examples of a tragic hero, or a protagonist who embodies all of the traits of a classic hero (bravery, high social position, etc...), and therefore merits audience sympathy, but has one flaw that leads to his downfall.

Odysseus's tragic flaw is hubris , or excessive pride. His wit, bravery, and knack for clever problem solving makes him a natural leader and great warrior. However, his hubris often leads to errors in judgement that cause major problems and complications for him. Perhaps the most memorable example comes in the episode in Island of the Cyclops. He finds a clever way to escape Polyphemus but when he and his men are almost at a safe distance, due to his excessive pride, he cannot help but taunt the monster, telling him that no one can help him now, not even his father, the god Poseidon. This lands him on Poseidon's bad side, leading to the prolonged delay in his journey home. It is not until Odysseus has lost just about everything, and...

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