Assyrian Achievements

What were some achievements of the Assyrians?

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Assyrians were very accomplished in the areas of military and urban infrastructure. On the military front, they were able to conquer the entirety of Mesopotamia and were the first to use iron weapons. The Assyrians had the largest standing army in the history of Mesopotamia. They are also credited with the large-scale organization of their military into regular numbers and rankings.

In the area of urban planning and development, the Assyrians were pioneers of infrastructure. They were the first to develop aqueducts and were experts in the construction of canals. The Assyrians are believed to be the first to utilize indoor plumbing. The streets of the capital city were paved, also believed to be a first in the ancient world.

The Assyrian king Ashurbanipal is credited with creating the world's first library at the capital city of Nineveh. This demonstrates the fact that the Assyrians were as interested in culture and learning as they were in attacking their neighbors.

mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Assyrians had many achievements. One of them was that their empire rose a couple of times after being defeated. Their empire covered a good deal of land, especially in the Middle East. They also had control over Egypt.

The Assyrians were known for their fighting. They were skilled at using chariots. They also developed iron weapons. This gave them an advantage over their rivals who used copper or tin weapons.

Another achievement of the Assyrians was the development of a famous library at Nineveh by King Ashurbanipal. Many famous historical documents were in this library. Because some of the documents in this library have been recovered, we know more about ancient history.

The Assyrians were also good at building roads. This allowed them to move their armies quickly from place to place. They also built impressive cities. These cities were fortified by walls and had canals, aqueducts, and palaces.

The Assyrians had many accomplishments.

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