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The Maidu wore dear, puma or rabbit in the summer or winter. The fur or hair was worn on the inside, facing the body of the one wearing the pelts. The deerskin worn as a legging and wound around leg was tied off at the knee. The moccasins were thought to contain grass when it came to traveling in snow. The women of the tribe wore shredded bark aprons and grass or they went about naked at times.

Tattoos were created with obsidian and nutmeg charcoal. The women often bore actual patterns while men and women both bore variations of lines and dots throughout various parts of the body. Bird bones, smooth sticks, and feathers made up the adornments of both men and women. Women had items worn in the ears while men typically wore items in the nose. The items worn in the nose and ear were applied to both genders during a ceremony held during their adolescence.

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