What were some of the historical consequences of the events portrayed in the film The Mission?

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--Following the massacre depicted in the film, some of the tension between the Jesuits and the Vatican began to be discussed and studied more carefully.  While I would not argue that the Vatican ever took full responsibility for the deaths of Jesuit priests and innocent villagers, it certainly had to rethink its policies and what its responsibility was to Jesuit missionaries and the indigenous people whom they had come to love. 

--Europeans had to once again think about the consequences of their involvement in South America, whether that involvement be political or religious.  The Jesuits were in the South American jungle to "Christianize" the natives, but that mission did not seem to important to the Catholic Church when politics (between Spain and Portugal) began to be an issue.  This situation often arises when missionaries for various religious denominations are in areas that are war-torn or that are politically divisive (many missionaries in Africa during the early and middle portion of the 20th century faced problems such as this). Oftentimes, the missionaries or priests are forced to choose between thepeople whom theyhave been sent to serve andpersonal safety because the organizations or countries which sent them to the region are involved in a bigger "game."

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