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In Mahatma Gandhi, what were some of Gandhi`s religious beliefs and how did they effect his movement?

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Mohandas K. Gandhi considered himself a Hindu. But as a Hindu, he saw all religions as equal, as trying to seek and express the same eternal truths and wisdom. At the core he believed in the power of truth, compassion for others, and nonviolence. The nonviolent aspect of his belief marked his nonviolent resistance to the British. It meant he had to be more clever in finding ways to confront British colonial rule in India without matching oppression with violence. The belief in the equality of religions also meant that he believed India and Pakistan had a moral responsibility to each other, especially since they were partners in the struggle against the British. It was for his insistance that India pay its debts to Pakistan that a zealous Hindu nationalist assassinated him.

Some particular elements in his beliefs include the importance of celibacy for achieiving spiritual purity and the importance of vegetarianism as an expression of nonviolence toward animals. There was also an aspect of renunciation in Gandhi's life: he gave up most possessions to live simply and make do with less. This also had an effect on British rule: if more people lived simply and were more self-reliant, they would undercut the economic value of India in the British Empire.  

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he liked equality

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Ganghi's religious beliefs ( Hindu \ Gita ) affected him so much ,, the hindu religion says that eating meat is forbidden ...for sometime (during the time when Great Britain was controling India )Ganghi's friend advised him to eat it saying that the english government ruled them for being stronger by eating meat n also told Gandhi that eating meat would let him be very healthy ...actually he ate it without telling his mother n father but then he thought that deceiving his parents in that way n breaking the rules of his religion was an awful thing....another thing ( the Ashram ) which was a group of people in one place going only to pray (without looking to anyone's race \ religion ) also he did that after reading Gita\Holy Quran \ Bible very well. Well, I think the reason is that Gandhi always stuck up for himself and never let himself made belittled. And that may be in his religous beliefs.... or maybe whatever he believed, he may mixed that up with his normal way of living... Though I must say, Gandhi was a great man indeed...