What were some examples of Victorian ideals in Jane Eyre?Specifically through Bronte's use of justice (whether good or bad), religion, importance of the family, and morality.

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My answer would be as follows:

The Victorian era (from a literary point of view) is truly enthralling since it presents an infinite repertoire of different forms and topics. Nonetheless, and despite this many-sided character, I will try to set forth a possible interpretation of this era. The Victorian literature can be characterized by a strong insistence on:
- property
- morality
- domestic happiness
- religious observance (this list in incomplete)

We can assert that Jane Eyre is a Bildungsroman, belongs to the Victorian era but also to the Romantic era.

That's why I think that Jane Eyre is many-faceted.

I hope it will be helpful.


Zac Egs

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