What were some of the Etruscan contributions?

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Etruscans were a seafaring people that settled and built cities in northern Italy.  They grew wealthy through international trade and were the most culturally advanced civilization in the entire world aside from the Greeks.  

According to contemporary historical thought and considerable archaeological evidence, the Tuscans were the founders of Rome.  At least two of the first kings were Etruscan and they had a significant impact on the formation of a Roman bureaucracy.

The Etruscan influence is most noticeable in two areas: cultural and civic.  The Etruscans were accomplished in the areas of art and architecture and the earliest buildings of Rome were built in their style.  The Roman religion and legal system was established based on Tuscan models.  

The Etruscans had established a well organized provincial system in Northern Italy and were extremely organized in the area of governing. Organization of the government systems, water management programs, and road construction were all accomplishments of the Etruscans that Rome adopted.   It is easy to see that the most important accomplishment of the Etruscans was the creation of Rome and their vast influence on it.



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