What were some cultural differences between the Mughal Empire and the Muslim culture in the middle east?

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The major difference between the Mughal Empire and the practice of Islam in the Middle East was the degree of integration and tolerance witnessed in India.  The Mughal emperors did not force Hindus to adopt or adhere to Islamic law.  The Mughal Empire was unique because the ruling class were Muslim while the subjects were predominantly Hindu.  For this reason, the Mughals accommodated Hindus and their beliefs.  As an example, they created laws that forbade the slaughter of cows, an important taboo to Hindus.

The integration of Hindus into important institutions was evident in Mughal society and did not exhibit itself in the other Islamic cultures.  Hindus were permitted to serve in high government positions in the Mughal court.  Hindu artists and architects helped to build and design some of the most important buildings in India at this time.  This level of integration and tolerance was not evident in the Islamic cultures of the west.