What were some of the consequences of the Pax Romana?

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The Pax Romana was an extended period of peace and prosperity that occurred in Ancient Rome under the guidance of the emperors.  The era is generally accepted to be from 27 BC until 192 AD.  The military focus of the empire at this time was not expansion, but a maintenance of its borders.  Walls were built on the frontiers to ensure defense.  The period is marked with an increase in commercial trade and the development of the arts within Rome. This was made possible due to the emphasis on road construction throughout the period.  Major building projects were planned, the results of them stand as a testament to the greatness of Rome during this period.  The Colosseum, Pantheon, and the aqueducts were all constructed during this period of peace. Probably the greatest legacy of the period was the understanding by Augustus Caesar that the citizens could prosper more from peace than it would from war. 

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