What are some effects of Western influence on Japanese culture?  

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We're living in a more globalized world, so it is important to note, as the previous Educator mentioned, the elements in which Japanese society has reflected that globalization (in things such as food and sports). However, it should also be noted that westernization in Japan has very deep roots. We can look back toward the nineteenth century, toward the specter of Western industrialization in Europe, to see that Japan modernized fairly rapidly (albeit not without its share of internal turmoil) to become a significant industrial power. This was itself one of the most famous examples of westernization in a nineteenth-century context: before Perry sailed into Tokyo Harbor, Japan was still ruled by the Tokugawa Shogunate and still a largely feudal society. By the beginning of the twentieth century, however, those feudal remnants had been swept aside, replaced by a society that had become industrial, capitalistic, and bureaucratic. Following its defeat in World War II, Japan would get pulled closer into American influence. When looking for the impact of westernization on Japan, it might be useful to keep these longer trends in mind. The influence has been deep and extensive for a significant portion of Japanese history.

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The main effect of Western influence on Japanese culture was to make Japan's culture more like the West and to contribute to the decline of traditional Japanese ways.

Let us look at a couple of ways in which this has happened.  First, we can look at food.  Japanese eating habits have changed very much through Western influence.  Japanese eat things like ham and eggs and hamburgers and Bavarian cream puffs now as a normal part of their diet.  Second, we can look at sports.  While sumo is in some ways still the national sport, it has lost a great deal of ground to baseball and now even to soccer.  These Western sports have become extremely popular in Japan.

In these ways and many others (men almost never wear kimonos any more, for example) Western influence has affected Japanese culture.

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