What were some of the beliefs of the people in "Nibelungenlied" as far as culture? What did they believe in?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One strong belief of this culture, as well as many cultures of Europe during this time period, was that of chivalry.  This code of the knights had to do with a moral, social, and religious way of behaving.  The knights believed in behaving honorably, being honest and straightforward, and always treating women with respect.  Courtly, or knightly love, was a part of chivalry.  This was a love a knight would have for a noblewoman, causing the knight to perform acts of courage in her honor, while never hoping to consummate the love.

As part of the chivalric code, appearances and clothing were very important to these people as well.  They believed that to show respect of themselves and for their country, dress and appearance should be at the upmost, and cleanliness was vitally important.  As a result of this belief, the people of the culture would be apt to judge others on appearance - an unfortunate consequence.