What were some of the advices Uncle Sam gave to consumers during the war?

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Civilians were advised to conserve electricity by turning off lights whenever possible. They were advised to carpool in order to save gas and rubber. They were advised to drive at slower speeds, and in many places the speed limit was reduced to 35 mph on highways. Civilians were necouraged to plant "victory gardens" to grow their own vegetables and reduce the demand for farm labor. They were encouraged to save grease from frying, typically in coffee cans which could be turned in for recycling. They were repeatedly advised to be cautious about discussing anything having to do with military matters. The popular slogan was "The slip of a lip could sink a ship." They were advised not to use their cars except when absolutely necessary. Gas, meat, sugar, shoes, tires and a few other things were rationed and could only be purchased with ration stamps. There were mandatory blackouts along the coasts. The government used many different strategies to get people to buy "Victory Bonds." Victory Bond rallies were common everywhere. Celebrities made appearances to encourage bond sales. There were sporadic shortages of liquor and cigarettes. The government was constantly encouraging civilians to "support the war effort." Civilians had to be reminded of the war effort with movies, newsreels, radio broadcasts, popular songs, magazinie articles, etc. There was virtually no air transportation for civilians, and the trains were always packed.

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