What were the six thoughts that occupied Winston’s mind while in his cell?chapter 3 section one of 1984

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Six thoughts that occupied Winston's mind during his time in the cell in section 1 of book 3 include these:

1. HUNGER: Winston searched his pockets for bread crumbs as there was sinking feeling in his stomach that he thought meant he was hungry.

The dull pain in his belly never went away, but sometimes it grew better and sometimes worse, and his thoughts expanded or contracted accordingly

2. JULIA: He barely thought of her, yet she crossed his mind enough to mention in the book.

3. O'BRIEN and the BROTHERHOOD: Winston still had hope that O'Brien was a good guy and would save Winston from torture and deliver the razor blade.

4. DEATH: Winston anticipated the death he would encounter by the razor blade:

The blade would bite into him with a sort of burning coldness, and even the fingers that held it would be cut to the bone.

5. THE PLACE OF NO DARKNESS: He struggled with the concept of night or day because the room that he was in had no windows.

6. HIS OWN STATE OF SANITY: Winston begun counting the bricks inside the room. He kept losing count and would have to start over.