What were some signs of European economic prosperity after 1000

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The time after 1000 CE is generally called the High Middle Ages.  During this time, Europe came to be much more prosperous than it had been.

Perhaps the biggest indicator of this prosperity was the increase in population.  Of course, statistics from the time are less than perfect, but historians believe that the population of Europe almost doubled between 1000 and 1300 CE.  This shows that people were prosperous enough to live longer and have more children who survived.

A second indicator of prosperity was the growth in the number and size of castles.  This was the age of large stone castles.  These were, of course, extremely expensive and the ability to build them indicates that Europe was becoming more prosperous.

Finally, we can look to increases in trade as an indicator of prosperity.  After 1000, trade routes started to get reestablished across Europe.  This indicated that people were well-off enough to have excess goods to trade with one another.


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