What were the results of the Seven Years' War?

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The Seven Years War, which is also known as the French and Indian War, had monumental consequences for the history of both Europe and North America.

At the end of the war, the British became the dominant power in North America by absorbing almost all of the colonial possesions of France. Canada and the Lousiana Territory both became British possessions, all but removing the French as a power player in the New World.

The British had also amassed a monumental war debt that they viewed as a result of defending the American colonies. Needing new sources of revenue for the treasury, they decide to begin levying taxes against the America colonies directly, which ultimately results in the America Revolution. 

The global position of the French was weakend while the position of other nations, such as Spain, was strengthened. Thanks to the defeat of the French, there was a considerable power vacume North America that other nations were happy to exploit. The Russians and Spanish eagerly pressed in on the new borders which resulted in new conflicts, but empires with more territory.




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