World War II Questions and Answers

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What were the responses of the people as the attack on Pearl Harbor was occuring? The people actually there during the attack.

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Of course, there were many different kinds of responses by people on Oahu during the Pearl Harbor raid. 

During the raid, members of the Armed Forces tried hard to fight back.  People on board the ships in the harbor tried to fight fires and those whose job it was fired back at the Japanese airplanes.  Medical staff worked hard to try to save those who were wounded. 

On the civilian side, most civilians in the immediate area were simply trying not to get hurt.  68 civilians died in the raid, most from American anti-aircraft shells (showing how many military personnel were trying to fight back) that were improperly fused and exploded after falling to the ground.  Local fire departments responded both to fires in civilian communities and to some of the fires on military installations (Pearl Harbor was not the only base hit).

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