What were the religous changes in pre and post-Colonial Igbo society?

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slcollins eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Quite plainly, the coming of Christianity brought about a division in religion for the Igbo people. Pre-Colonial, they were a people united by their beliefs and traditions. Their religion revolved around The Oracle and worship of Ani. The reverence awarded to the egwugwu  is also representative of their religion and tradition. The most important characteristic, however, was the fact that they were united in these beliefs. With the arrival of the Christian missionaries, though, they became a people divided. Many of the Igbo began to question the beliefs they had always blindly followed; from the shunning of the outcasts to the disposal of twins in the Evil Forest, these questions began to separate the Igbo people. Many now found acceptance from Christianity and were more than eager to convert. Others were too suspicious of the white men and chose to continue following the old traditions. Another change brought about was the Christian emphasis on worshipping one god versus the Igbo emphasis on woshipping multiple gods.