What were the religious beliefs of the olmecs?

samjazael123 | Student

the olmecs worshipped many gods and where thought to have no writting system whatsoever they where mysteriously sophisticated in a sense they built the cities out of tremendous rocks their are faces preumeably built for thier gods whom some say came from the stars.

the olmecs greatest city was puma punku which was built only with dyeritte sorry about my spelling, but the only thing that can actually break through dyerritte is diamonds which astonished many sceptics. In fact this was thought to be very strange and almost impossible to do so unless their tools "if primitive" needed to be diamond tipped.

their god was known as  Quetzacoatl whom was the dominant god of meso america was said, to be the god whom even the aztecs worshipped it was everyday life. In fact they even projected human sacrifice. they somewhat where given a divine purpose Quetzacoatl had many similarities to Jesus even because he was born of a virgin, he could raise people from the dead and even heal the crippled. Everyone revered Quetzacoatl would one day return, but this ended up failing terribly. As every god in history they left with no means of return....until the next age..........

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