What were the reasons for the Argentinian revolution and the reasons to remain loyal to the Crown (Spain)

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were many reasons that independent would be favorable to Argentina. At the time, Spain did not allow its colonies to trade with any other nations, and impendence would open up new markers for Argentina, greatly expanding economic opportunities. The Criollo class were heavily in favor of the split because of the “second class” status they received due to being born outside of Europe. They had also shown their ability to defend themselves by turning back two British invasions.

If Argentina remained loyal to Spain, there were also some benefits. Due to trade restrictions, a lucrative black market developed which allowed smugglers to trade with other countries. If impendence came, this market would disappear and many sailors and traders would lose a lot of money. Many Argentineans also pointed out that they benefitted from being part of the Spanish Empire through Spain’s protection and support.