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Ralph is an absolutely fantastic character to read about, and a large part of that has to do with the fact that he struggles both internally and externally. I would say that he has two main external struggles. The first struggle is fairly obvious based on the book's setting. It is a man vs. nature conflict. He is stranded on a deserted island; therefore, he has to fight against hunger, thirst, exposure, injury, etc. The island isn't a tropical paradise that delivers food from heaven each morning. He and the boys have to hunt down food and work together to build shelter that protects them from the elements. The second major external conflict for Ralph is a man vs. man conflict. Starting right from Chapter 1, Ralph and Jack are butting heads. Both boys think they should be the one to lead, and this conflict escalates little by little each chapter until Jack is outright trying to kill Ralph.

Internally, Ralph struggles with how to lead. He wants to be "cool" and fair, but...

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