What were the primary provisions of "The Declaration and Resolves of the first Continental Congress?"

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The First Continental Congress brought together representatives of the colonies who felt it imperative to take a united stand in expressing their outrage regarding the British interference in colonial affairs. Less radical opinions were present, but were outnumbered by those who were ready to begin seriously considering aggressive and possibly military retaliations.

The Declaration and Resolves that came out of the Congress expressed colonial objections to the Intolerable Acts, set out a colonial bill of rights, listed specific grievances held by the colonies against Parliament, and outlined the plans for future action to be undertaken by the Congress if satisfaction of their concerns was not received. They proposed to begin a boycott against trade of British goods, to publish their concerns in statements to be distributed in Great Britain and throughout the colonies, and to petition the King requesting reconsideration of the abuses seen in treatment of the colonies.