What were the possible decisions of the court in The Outsiders?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The possible outcomes in court are that Darry is declared an unfit guardian and Pony is put in a foster home, a fine, or Pony will go to jail.

Pony can’t believe that Randy does not seem to care about Bob being dead and Pony being charged.

"I wouldn't mind getting fined," Randy said, "but I feel lousy about the old man. And it's the first time I've felt anything in a long time." (ch 11, p. 165)

Pony tells Randy he is worried because he is afraid that his brother Darry might be declared unfit and Pony will be moved to a foster home.  Randy feels sorry for him.  Pony gets a little mixed up, saying Johnny did not die in the hospital.

Before the hearing the doctor has a long talk with the judge. He was explaining Pony’s situation.  At the trial, the judge only asks him if he likes living with Darry, if he likes school, and other nonthreatening questions and then dismisses the case.

The judge and others seem to realize that Pony has been through enough.  He is a little depressed and mixed up, and they want him to get on with his life.

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