What were the politics in the New England Colonies?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the New England colonies, people were very involved in politics. In some colonies, people had a lot of political freedom. For example, in the charter colonies of Rhode Island and Connecticut, the people were able to elect their legislature and their governor. This was very unusual as in most colonies, the governor was chosen by the owner of the colony or by the King of England. In the other New England colonies, people were able to elect the members of the lower house of the legislature. In order for white males to vote, they had to own land.

One feature of New England politics that was unique was the town meeting. At the town meeting, community members would gather to share their concerns and their views regarding various issues affecting the colony. This was a powerful event since it brought the elected leaders face to face with the people they represented. This gave the residents of the colony a feeling that they could help influence the actions of the elected officials.