What were the political, social and economic effects on the caribbean and Europe in world War 1?

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World War I had a devastating effect on the major powers of Europe.  After the war, new countries were formed and old empires were disbanded.  The war had a very negative impact on Europe as most countries assumed massive debt during the war and were close to bankruptcy and collapse.  Many of the countries of Europe, including Germany, experimented with representative democracies that would ultimately fail due to the diversity of the many political factions within them.  In addition to the uneasy political and economic climate of Europe, the Treaty of Versailles had created a high degree of resentment between the German people and the Allied Powers of Britain and France.  In the Caribbean, the people were disillusioned by the war.  Many had fought and others lost their lives for the imperial powers.  The native populations of this region developed nationalist tendencies that led to political and social unrest towards their "mother country."  In addition, the United States had gained greater influence in the Caribbean and the influence of Europe in the region was on the decline.  

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