What were the political, economic and social characteristics of the three regions of the thirteen colonies?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since this question was unclearly worded, I have edited the question to some degree. The New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies had unique characteristics.

Economically, the New England Colonies depended on manufacturing, trade, and fishing. This was because the climate and soil were not good for farming.  The Southern Colonies had a great climate and fertile soil that made farming the main job. In the middle colonies, there was some farming in the colonies that were closer to the Southern Colonies. There was manufacturing and trade in the Middle Colonies that were closer to New England.

Socially, the Southern Colonies had many slaves.  This was because these colonies did a lot of farming and needed many inexpensive laborers.  In New England, there were few slaves since most people were involved in manufacturing, trade, and fishing.  These industries did not require slaves.  In the Middle Colonies some slavery existed, especially where a lot of farming was done.

Politically, The New England Colonies had more self-government than the other colonies. Two of the colonies were charter colonies.  As a result, the people were able to elect their governor and lawmakers.  The Middle Colonies were known for their religious tolerance. It was a place where people of different religions could settle and practice their religion freely.  In the Southern colonies, the King chose the governor. People had less say in determining who their governor would be since this decision was made in England.