What were the most important days in Paul Revere's life and why?

Expert Answers
kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Though most people would quickly point to the day of Paul Revere's famous ride as the most important day in his life, it could also be argued that in many ways it was one of the least important as it simply represented the result of a great many other days that molded him to be ready to complete that task.

As he was trained to be a goldsmith like his father, Paul Revere likely had many days of learning to manage complex tasks and also figuring out what was truly vital and learning how to do it.  He was given more and more responsibility as he grew older and he also grew more and more attached to America and his feelings of independence and pride in this new country.

Because of all those days, when he learned to think carefully about his actions and to also be true to the things he had idealistic feelings about, when it came time to respond to what he saw as great injustice and arrogance on the part of the British, he was ready to ride to warn the militias on what most people consider his most important day.